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En Dissertations and PhD's ayudamos a los estudiantes a realizar sus trabajos finales como TFG, TFM o tesis doctoral. Somos un servicio de escritura
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1-Warning and legal information and its acceptation.

The current Legal Notice regulates the use of the Internet Web page’s service that SERPROYETS 2016, SL (from now on also the OWNER) puts at the Internet users’ disposal, interested in the services it contains.


The utilization of the previously mentioned Web page gives the condition of user, and implicates the acceptance of all the conditions integrated in this Legal Notice. The usage of the service has a limited duration to the moment in which the User is making use of the Web page.

Because of this, the user must read carefully the Legal Notice in each one of the occasions he wants to use the Web page, considering that SERPROYETS 2016, SL reserves the faculty of effect, without needing a previous warning, of doing modifications and updates of the information provided in this Site, of its configuration and presentation, besides the access conditions to itself.


The use of certain services offered to the Users through the Web Site can be subjected to its own particular conditions that, according to the cases can replace, complete and/or modify the actual General Use Conditions. Therefore, previously to the use of aforesaid services, the User also has to read carefully and accept as well the corresponding own particular conditions. SERPROYETS 2016, SL with social localization in 14 Severo Ochoa Street, Torrellano, Alicante, Spain, 03320 and with a C.I.F number B54929500. With phone number: 807 455 110 and email address:


2-Industrial an Intellectual Property.

All the contents in this Site, in particular, texts, articles, data bases, designs, graphics, logos, slogans, icons, font codes, software, commercial names, brands, industrial drawings or whatever other susceptible to an industrial and/or commercial use, they are subject to the industrial and intellectual property rights of the OWNER excluding the Logos and the brands of partners and/or contributors that are property of its owners. If you consider that, part of the content of this Web, affects your intellectual and /or industrial property contact us requesting for a modification or elimination in the following email address:


The access to the Site, does not imply any license or right to the use of the appearing brands in itself, without having, previously, the written authorisation by the OWNER. It is forbidden the distribution, modification, transformation, cession, being at the public disposal and any other activity that has not been deliberately authorised by the titular of the profit’s rights. The non-authorised use of the materials and content information in the Web Site can mean the violation of the legislation about the intellectual and industrial property and other applicable laws.


3-Use of the Site

The user obliges himself to do a correct use of the Web Page, in accordance with the current Legal Notice, the law, and just like more requirements, regulations and instructions that in this case can be applicable. The user will be the unique responsible against the OWNER or against a third party, of any harm or prejudice that can be caused as a consequence of the non-fulfilment of those conditions.

The OWNER gives a restricted permission, non-exclusive and non-transferable for an exclusive personal (private) use of this Site, besides the material contents included in itself. The present authorisation does not require a transference of the property rights of the Site nor the contents of itself, being the user subjected to the following limitations in an expository character:

  • Obligation of keeping the Copyright and property warnings of the OWNER, to all the copies of the site and its contents.
  • It is strictly forbidden the reproduction, distribution, transference, memorization or modification of the site and its contents.
  • It is forbidden its use for all kind of purposes as much commercials as non-profit purposes.


It is specifically forbidden any different use to the purpose of this Web Site. In this sense, the User will refuse using each one of the materials and information provided in this Web Site with illicit purposes and expressly forbidden at the present General Conditions of Use as far as the particular conditions that, in its case, are prepared and turn out to be contraries to the rights and interests of the OWNER and its members and/or third parties, and it should answer against the same ones in case of disobey or default on the already said obligations and/or that, in any way (included the introduction or dissemination). The violation of the earlier limitations will give rights to the OWNER to exert all the judicial actions in defence of its rights of property of the Site.


4-Guarantee and responsibilityexclusion.

The use of this Site will be done under the one and only responsibility of the User. The OWNER in none of the cases assumes any kind of responsibilities, not the indirect or subsidiary way, not even it gives any guarantee or it takes responsibilities, under no circumstances, of the harms and prejudices of each one of the nature that can be originated because of the lack of availability, maintenance, lawfulness and an effective work of the Site; besides the lack of utility, adaptation or  validity of the Site or of its services and contents to satisfy necessities, activities or concrete results and expectations of the user.

Additionally, the OWNER does not guarantee the availability, continuation or the infallibility of the functioning of the Web Site, so in consequence it excludes, to the extent possible permitted by the valid legislation, any responsibility because of the harms and prejudices of all natures that can be caused by the lack of availability or continuity of the functioning of the Web Site and the available services in itself, as well as the mistakes on the access of the different Web pages or the ones that, in their case, give those services.

The OWNER excludes any responsibility for the harm and prejudices of any kind that can be caused due to the services given to third parties by this Web Site as well as the means that these prepare to manage the service solicitations, and in particular, in an expository and no-limitative manner: because of the des-loyal competence and illicit publicity facts as a consequence of the given services by third parties through the Web Site. Also the lack of veracity, exactness, exhaustiveness, vices, defects, belonging and/or actualization of the contents transmitted, defunded, stored, received, obtained, and at its disposal or accessible through the given services by third parties by this Web Site.


5-Confidential information and data protection policy.

5.1 –     Information’s Right

In accordance with the established in the Organic Law 15/1999, 13th of December, of Data Protection with a Personal Character (in following references LOPD), the OWNER, title holder of the Web Site (from now on, Web Site), informs to the users of itself (from here on, the Users) of the existence of an automatic file of data with a personal character created by the OWNER and under his responsibility, that is properly registered in the Data Protection with a Personal Character Registration.


5.2- Purpose

The Site collects confidential information from the users with the purpose of giving information of its services, as well as the reception of the curricular forms.

In each one of the cases the one affected will be informed of its rights and limitations in the created forms for the collections of this data with personal character.


5.3- Obligatory or optional character of the given information by the user and the veracity of the data.

The marked fields with an asterisk (*) in the registration form to fill in by the user are strictly necessary to attend its petition, being willingly the data inclusion in the remaining fields.

The user guarantees that the personal data facilitate to the OWNER are true and he is responsible for communicate by himself any modification of them.


5.4- User’s consent

Sending the personal data, through using the electronic forms content in the Web Site or, in its case, emails, it can be the express consent of the sender to the automatized treatment of the included data in the suggested means of communication, services and related products with the purposes of the Site Web, as well as sending communications in an electronic way, ordinary mail, fax, telegraph, telephone. mms message, sms or any other actual or future mean of communication with related information.

5.5- Access, rectification, opposition and cancellation rights of the users.

The User could exercise its access, rectification, opposition and cancellation rights to the treatment of his personal information, in the terms and conditions provided in the LOPD. He could exercise those rights in a written form, addressing to the following email address: or through a letter to the attention of SERPROYETS 2016, SL in the address 14, Severo Ochoa Street, Torrellano, Alicante, Spain 03320

The OWNER keeps the protection security levels of the personal data according to the Royal Decree 1720/2007, of the 21st of December by which approves the Regulation of development of the Organic Law 15/1999, of the 13th of December of data protection with a personal character to the security measures of the automatized files that contains private data, and has established all the technical means at its disposal to prevent the lost, bad use, alteration, non-authorised access and stealing the data that the user facilitates through the Web Site, without  prejudice to inform him that those security measures in Internet are impregnables.

The OWNER compromises himself to fulfil with the duty of secret and confidentiality about the personal data contains in the automatized file according to the applicable legislation, as well as giving them a secure treatment with the cessions and international transferences of data that, in his case, can be done.

The present, implies the consent on the user behalf to the realization for the OWNER side of the communication or cession of his data to a third party for the compliance of the purposes previously mentioned.


5.7- Modification of the present privacy policy.

The OWNER reserves the right to modify the present politic for adapting it to future legislative or jurisprudential newness, as well as practices of the industry, informing previously to the users of the changes that are produced in it.



The present Legal Notice is regulated in each and every one of its extremes by the Spanish Law, furthermore the general conditions of use that are established in itself.

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